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10+ things you shouldn’t do in public

I’m sure almost all the people reading this post will be guilty of one or two of this list (I mean “we”- I’m included too). This has become a way of life for people, starting with how they live their daily lives.

This is so common in Nigeria, everyone is shouting in the vehicle about their business and family issues or something much more private, that public ears should have no share in it. If you are to receive a call in a loud place that would need you to shout, please stall till you get to a private place or ask to converse via texting.

Now I’m guilty in this, most of us tend to want to adjust something in public and it is seen as normal but it’s actually embarrassing and shows we are not cultured. I was out recently and I had to apply a little bit of make up on my face before I alighted from the vehicle, it should be done in a bathroom or a private place. Some of us pick our nose in public, adjust our underwears in public(women!!!), I have seen someone cut his fingernails in a restaurant, are you serious? Stop brushing your teeth in the middle of the road please. Thank you.

Guilt as charged, sometimes I will dump culture one side and eat in public, it’s a weakness I’m working on, have you seen fresh corn on fire before, I will just weak. It’s a work in progress but it’s not cultured to eat in public, you should eat while sitting in private or in a restaurant and don’t open your mouth while chewing please. Don’t eat in public again. I’m changing!

I am rolling my eye now, you shouldn’t do that, it’s gross and makes others uncomfortable. Don’t you know the sound makes the listener imagine your phlegm in their mouth too. Eww.

Stop disposing waste improperly, done with your gala? Keep it in your purse or pocket or wallet, don’t drop it on the floor or throw it over the window, who trained you? ( Easy for me to say because I have change that about myself.)

Fighting on the street
Biko, be more cultured and control your anger. Don’t even argue in public, you and your girl are having issues we don’t want to know, argue at home. Don’t fight a girl for taking your bf in public, you are embarrassing yourselves, if someone slaps you walk away, respect your self.

Changing your cloths or going naked on Social Media
I see this new trend of exposing your butt in a supermarket or some other place and recording it, this is bad. Social media is the new public DON’T GO NAKED ON SOCIAL MEDIA, you are not cultured and you lack manners abeg. Don’t change your cloths in public, you are not a baby that it will be cute to see your bum, it’s not cute it’s erotic and things like that are done In private. I’m done.

Singing when using Earpiece
I used to think I had a wonderful voice so I sing while using my earpiece, that just wrong, I know it’s sweet to do but please stop singing in public only if you are on stage.

Talking to yourself
This is weird, internalize your thoughts, that’s how human beings do.

Don’t pee in public.
GUYS!!! Have self control, get to a bathroom before you pee. Don’t just go looking for one corner and expect people to pass casually. It’s not proper to urinate in public ladies and gentlemen.

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Pass gas or Fart geng
Fart geng, it is impolite to pass gas in public, it’s not a competition we are not interested In smelling your colon. Excuse yourself and pass gas properly, if it happens by mistake, apologise and stop expecting people to suspect the least dressed.

10+ things you shouldn't do in public

Stare in Public
It is very rude to stare at people in public, only if your babe is coming and looking very attractive and you want her to feel it as she is coming towards you, if she is not your babe don’t stare especially on a first date. Learn not to stare, even if you are a mother and want your child to know they there is problem when you get home.

Only if you have been casted as a native doctor in a Nollywood movie, stop spitting in public it’s a dirty attitude.

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