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Top 5 Highest Earning CEOs In Nigeria

The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of each company take responsibility for leading organizations to the desired heights.

They get glory when they succeed, and they also take the blame when things don’t go as expected.

Therefore, what these managers earn each year is commensurate with their hard work.

Globalgistng brings you the top five highest paid CEOs in Nigeria.

This list focuses on what these executives earned in 2019.

  1. Ferdinand Moolman, MTN Nigeria
    Ferdinand Moolman is the chief Executive officer of MTN Nigeria Communications Plc, and in 2019, he earned N586 million dollars.
  2. Austin Avuru, Seplat
    Augustin Avuru is the co-founder and CEO of Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc. In 2019, Avuru earned N440 million.
  3. Segun Agbaje, GTBank
    Segun Agbaje is the CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank, and in 2019, he earned N400 million dollars. This shows an increase of N16 million compared to its n384 million remuneration in 2018.
  4. Yaw Nsarkoh, who previously worked at Unilever Nigeria Plc Yaw Nsarkoh, who retired as managing Director of Unilever Nigeria Plc in December 2019, earned $ 303 million for the year under review. In January 2020, he was replaced by Carl Raymond Cruz.
  5. Michel Puchercos, formerly of Lafarge Africa Plc Michel Puchercos earned $ 272 million in 2019, when he was still CEO of Lafarge Africa Plc. Pucherkos left Lafarge in January 2020 to join rival brand Dangote Cement Plc.

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