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Trump announced progress in building a wall on the border with Mexico

To date, about 386 km of the wall has already been built on the US-Mexico border, US President Donald trump wrote on Twitter on July 12.

“We have already built 240 miles (about 386 km. – Ed.) of a new wall on our southern border. By the end of the year, more than 450 miles (about 724 km) will be built. – Ed.), ” the head of the White house said.

Thus, the total length of the wall will be about 724 km.

On April 29, it became known that us defense Secretary Mark Esper decided to transfer $274 million, intended for the construction of several facilities in Europe to deter “Russian aggression”, to the construction of the wall.

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Building a wall on the border with Mexico was a campaign promise of trump. In mid-February 2019, he introduced a state of emergency to get about $6.4 billion to implement the plan. At the same time, the President’s opponents agreed to allocate only $1.4 billion for the wall.

Republicans and Democrats could not pass a budget from December last year until mid-February 2019 due to disagreements about the construction of the wall. Their contradictions led to a record shutdown in the US, the government did not work for more than three weeks.

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