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Trump assesses the chances of Kanye West to take votes from Biden in the election

US President Donald Trump on July 11 said that American rapper Kanye West, who declared his desire to run for the post of the Head of State, will be able to take away the votes of black citizens from former Vice President Joe Biden in the November elections.

“It will not be difficult for [him]. Corrupt Joe [Biden] didn’t do anything good for blacks,” Trump wrote on Twitter in response to the publication that West has a chance to take away Biden’s votes.

The day before, Trump called West a good guy and stressed that in the end, the rapper will definitely support him, as it was before.

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West this week announced his intention to run. Later, he said that he was going to participate in the elections as an independent candidate.

However, USA Today reported that the musician may not have time to collect and sign the necessary signatures of voters, as in some States, the registration of candidates ended on June 25.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3, 2020.

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