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Senators, House of representatives, governors, and Ministers will be allocated special seats in 774,000 jobs

The selection Committee for the expanded special public works program revealed that special places in the 774,000 jobs proposed by the Federal government will be given to governors, Federal lawmakers and Ministers.

Sanusi Aliyu Kunde, the Chairman of the Committee in Bauchi that will carry out the recruitment, revealed this on Wednesday, July 8, during the opening of the state Board.

According to Kunde, governors will be allocated 40 seats from all state councils, while senators will get 30 seats from the senatorial districts they represent, and Ministers will get 30 seats from all local government areas in the state.

He said: “governors will be given 40 people from all councils in the States. Senators will have 30 people each just from the local government areas in the senatorial district that each represents.

If the chief official of the National Assembly is from your state, he/she gets 40 seats in all local government areas within his / her district.

“Members of the House of representatives should be allocated 25 seats from local government areas within their districts. The main officials of the house should be given 30 seats.

The Chairman further noted that the Committee was charged with making a decision on the allocation of seats for state legislators.

Kunde said it was opened on Monday, June 29, to make a choice between 20 Bauchi state councils by state labour Minister Festus Keyamo.

He added that the Committee was working in accordance with the guidelines given to it.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the state Minister of labour and employment of Nigeria shouted, noting that he was being blackmailed and pressured by some politicians so that they could dictate who would get a place among 774,000 jobs.

Keyamo, during the inauguration of the selection Committee on Monday, June 29, revealed that there were attempts to blackmail him so that some political leaders would determine who would be allocated the slot.

He explained that he will not sacrifice his reputation, going beyond the 10-15% allocated to political workers, noting that no one can dictate to him.

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However, after Keyamo appeared before a National Assembly Committee about the 774,000 jobs proposed by the Federal government, the state Minister of labour and employment reacted to this.

The Minister said that while Nigerians were preparing for a massive recruitment of 774,000 unemployed and unskilled workers, 15% of the jobs (116,100) had already been allocated to Federal lawmakers.

Keyamo added that lawmakers are still not satisfied with what they were given. Speaking to reporters after a stormy meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday, June 30, in Abuja, Keyamo said: “They still want to take over the entire program, assuming the power of the President in the process.”

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