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Lateef Ajijola an exceptional leader and effective Communicator

Lateef Ajijola, a man of vision and purpose, participated in the primary election for the post of Senator under the auspices of the people’s Democratic party in the 2015 elections to the Nigeria National Assembly, along with Senator Fatima Raji Rasaki.

Ajijola a gentleman, an exceptional leader, and a boss. The boss manages people when the leader trains them.

Ajijola a gentleman, an exceptional leader, a political gladiator, a reliable personnel, a listening leader with a genuine developmental goals.

Some people are born with innate leadership qualities. Others develop these skills as they progress through life. No matter how people become leaders, we know that each of them is unique.

Each leader has his own style, developed by life experience. These styles vary according to their values, behaviour and the environment, one of which is Hon. Lateef Ajijola.

It suppose to be he has all the leadership qualities and various character traits are embedded in him, such as an effective Communicator, creativity, honesty, courage, self-control, a visionary leader, very passionate, radiating optimism, learning, and empowering and supporting others to succeed.

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According to Peter F. Drucker, ” management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing.

He has been tested and trusted, he has a vision for what you do, do it well, and believe in good management and the right leadership skills.

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