Lexus LS sedan updates is available

The current fifth-generation Lexus LS debuted in 2017 and has yet to achieve market success even in the key US market. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, sedans of previous generations found 20-30 thousand customers there annually, and in 2011-2015, the demand held around the mark of ten thousand cars a year.

But the fresh Lexus LS peaked in 2018 (9,300 copies), after which sales plummeted (5,500 cars in 2019). It is not surprising that the premiere of the updated model took place not in the States, but in the Japanese market.

The current fifth-generation Lexus LS debuted in 2017 and has yet to achieve market success even in the key US market. In the first decade of the twenty-first century,

However, there is another reason for this. After all, one of the main updates was the electronic complex Lexus Teammate, which will later appear on other models of the brand, but for now it will be run-in only on the roads of Japan. Teammate replaced the Lexus Safety System+ and has advanced functionality. In fact, this is an adaptive cruise control with the function of holding in the lane and warning of danger, although the developers carefully avoid the term “autopilot”.

From the outside, the sedan has changed slightly: the shape of the air intakes in the bumper has been revised, and the headlight bodies have lost their fancy zigzags and have a simpler shape. The led spotlights themselves have got an advanced adaptive control system BladeScan AHS with two rotating mirrors, which debuted earlier on the Lexus RX crossover — which allowed to increase the accuracy and speed of adaptation of the light beam.

At the stern-a different bumper decor, and inserts in the rear lights are now not chrome, but matte and visually merge with the red diffusers. In addition, the hybrid version has additional air ducts in the front wings. And in the color palette of the body added a gray color Gin-ei Luster, which is characterized by a special game of shadows.

The main update in the cabin is a touch-screen display of the media system instead of the previous passive screen. It has retained a 12.3-inch diagonal, but if it was previously sunk into the front panel, it is now displayed flush for ease of use. However, the touchpad on the Central tunnel was also saved. In addition, among the options there is a salon mirror with a screen that shows the image from the camera on the stern.

And the engineers have worked hard to improve driving comfort and improve the noise insulation of the cabin. In the suspension-recalibrated shock absorbers with new valves and other stabilizers. The engine supports have been changed, and the settings of the active noise reduction system have been revised. A new seat filler was applied, and their stitching was made less Intrusive and more deeply embedded in the upholstery.

Power units are the same. In Japan and most other countries represented version LS 500 with biturbomotor V6 3.4 (417 HP) and the LS hybrid 500h with aspirated 3.5 V6 and an electric motor (359 HP). Although the number of markets (including the Russian) has a younger Lexus LS 350 with a naturally aspirated 3.5 V6 engine (315 HP). Modernization also brought the sedans that program transmission control: to ensure acoustic comfort she often uses a high gear and once again do not spin the engine, and the hybrid actively uses electricity.

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In Japan, sales of updated Lexus LS sedans will begin in the fall, and later the cars will appear in other markets. By the way, for more than 30 years, more than 870 thousand Lexus LS cars have been produced, but the contribution of the current generation to this piggy Bank is still the most modest. Therefore, it is possible that it will be the last.

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