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WHO is ready to cooperate with T. B. Joshua in the fight against COVID-19

After a video of Cameroonian doctor Kameni Pierre claiming to have been cured of COVID-19 by T B Joshua via his Church channel Emmanuel TV, the World Health Organization (WHO) responded.

Globalgistng reports that WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Executive Director for health emergencies Michael Ryan and other WHO officials were questioned by Cameroonian journalist Simon Ateba during an interactive media session on Wednesday, July 1.

I realized that in the video, Pierre, a gynecologist and obstetrician, said that he was suffering from COVID-19 and was in isolation in a hospital room when he called on the video to get a prayer during an interactive program on Emmanuel Television.

He showed his positive medical report COVID-19 and, after receiving a prayer from Joshua, he “spewed” the disease.

According to the report, a few days later, he presented a medical report confirming that he had a negative diagnosis of COVID-19.

“On Monday, a very popular pastor in Nigeria, tuberculosis-infected Joshua, posted a video with a doctor in Cameroon who is said to have been cured of the virus by prayer,” Ateba said in front of panelists for their reaction.

In response to this question, Ryan confirmed WHO’s willingness to work with organizations such as the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) to advance the cause of fighting the deadly virus.

“Of course, spiritual leadership is very important at a time like this,”Ryan said, praising the role of religious organizations in providing accurate information to communities.

For Ghebreyesus, faith and science must ” go together. He said: “We know many religious leaders who would really advise their followers to follow their faith and at the same time use science.

These two concepts do not contradict each other; they go together… we will call on all religious leaders to take part in this fight and save lives.

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“Meanwhile, it was reported that the Federal government said that research results showed that a Madagascar herb called COVID Organics is a mixture containing mainly antimalarial ingredients.

It was reported that the Minister of health, Dr. Osagi Ehanire, said that further studies of the effectiveness of the Madagascar drug COVID-19 will be conducted after the approval of funds for these studies.

Ehanire made this statement at a briefing of the presidential task force on COVID-19 in Abuja. He stated that the main plant used for the production of Madagascar grass is grown in Nigeria.

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