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Fraud: How Nigerian Law School paid N32m for cleaner in 12 months

The office of the Federation’s auditor General has charged the Nigerian Law School (NLS) with misappropriation of funds, the PUNCH reports.

The newspaper cited as its source a 2015 audit report that was scrutinized by the Senate public accounts Committee on Thursday.

As of 2015, the office was headed by Samuel Ukura, directly the former auditor General of the Federation.

The report said that in addition to misappropriating funds, the NLS spent some funds without approval.

It said that the management of the institution illegally paid N32 million dollars to the account of an unnamed cleaner over a 12-month period.

The report also says that the NLS paid N36 million in disguise allowance to 52 employees to the account of one employee in violation of the public Finance act.

Quoting a 2015 report, the newspaper reported that the NLS is also accused of using pension funds to offset non-pension expenses, which is contrary to existing financial rules.

“Verification of payment documents revealed that the Nigerian law school paid N36m employees several times as a change – of-clothes allowance in 2013 alone,” the report said.

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“Management could not justify these payments with any approval from the payroll and payroll Commission to allow the audit team to determine the authenticity of these payments to staff. No provision is made for this request.”

It was reported that Isa Hayatu Chiroma, Director General(DG) of the NLS, expressed surprise at the audit report, but said that he was not DG of the NLS when the financial irregularities occurred.

The Senate Committee directed Chiroma to recover the funds and return them to the NLS account.

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