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These are the top African countries with the best roads (see countries in the list)

Namibia entered the top 13 African countries with the best roads

African countries with the best roads according to the WEF 2019 version of road infrastructure quality was published by Africa Facts Zone.

Namibia topped the top 13 countries on the continent that boast good roads. Egypt, a country that has recently compiled lists of other social amenities, took the second position.

The top five also included Rwanda, Morocco and Mauritius. Countries such as Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Algeria and Tanzania also made cuts.

Below is the full list of the top 13:

1. Namibia

2. Egypt

3. Rwanda

4. Morocco

5. Mauritius

6. South Africa

7. Senegal

8. Kenya

9. Tanzania

10. Algeria

11. Seychelles

12. Eswatini

13. Cape Verde.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Nigeria topped the list of eight countries with the largest economy in 2019 in Africa.

Nigeria led the way with a total of $ 444.916 billion, while South Africa and Egypt took second and third places with $371.298 billion and $299.589 billion, respectively.

Nigeria was not included in the other list of African countries with the best access to electricity.

However, Mauritius and Tunisia ranked first and second with 100% electricity reserves. Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and the Seychelles took 99.8%, 99.1% and 99% respectively.

No country in the list has access to electricity below 80%, as South Africa and Ghana, the countries in the ninth and tenth positions, have 84.3% and 84.2% tariffs for access to electricity.

In addition, the first American woman, 68-year-old Kathy Sullivan, who made a trip to space, accomplished another feat, becoming the first woman to reach the deepest place in the ocean.

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Kathy emerged from a 35,810-foot deep Challenger dive, which was confirmed by EYOs Expeditions, the company that was responsible for the logistics of the mission.

This made her the first woman to set both records. It should be noted, however, that the Challenger’s depth is the lowest among the oceans around the globe.

Kathy and Victor l Vescovo, who is the researcher funding the project, spent an hour and a half at the destination.

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