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Trump approves a plan to withdraw 9,5 thousand military personnel from Germany

US President Donald Trump has approved a plan to relocate 9,5 thousand American troops from Germany. This was reported by Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

According to him, on Monday, June 29, defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Mark Milli informed the President about the relocation plans.

It is noted that the proposal, which was approved, not only complies with the presidential Directive, but also will strengthen the “deterrence of Russia”, improve the strategic flexibility and operational flexibility of the United States in Europe.

On June 24, US President Donald trump said at a press conference following a meeting with Polish leader Andrzej Duda in Washington that the transfer of part of the us troops from Germany to Poland would be a “strong signal” for Russia.

In early June, Donald trump promised to reduce the number of American troops in Germany due to the fact that Berlin, in his opinion, does not pay enough for the deployment of the military. It was noted that the contingent may be reduced from 35 thousand to 25 thousand people.

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At the same time, the Democrats introduced a bill in Congress calling for preventing the withdrawal of the military from Europe, as this would allegedly expose the Europeans to a threat from the Russian Federation.

On June 18, the Russian Embassy in Washington called on the United States to stop intimidating Americans and Europeans with a non-existent “Russian threat”.

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