A number of large companies announces the suspension of advertising on Facebook

A number of major companies, including Adidas with its Reebok subsidiary, as well as the Ford car concern, are joining the Facebook boycott, suspending ads on its social networks.

Facebook instagram ads are being suspended by Adidas and Reebok, while Ford will not place ads in the next 30 days and will evaluate its presence on the social network platforms.

At the same time, one of the largest us companies in the field of information technology, HP (Hewlett-Packard) has decided to suspend advertising until “more reliable” security measures appear in the social network. Other companies that have announced a boycott include cleaning products manufacturer Clorox, restaurant chain Denny’s, as well as Edgewell Personal Care and Conagra.

On June 28, it was reported that the American company PepsiCo joined the boycott of the social network Facebook, refusing to place ads on its platform.

Facebook has long been the target of criticism for the fact that the social network does not stop aggression, propaganda of violence and racism in publications.

In this regard, the national Association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP), the civil rights organization Color of Change, the human rights organization “anti-defamation League of the USA” (ADL) and other human rights activists called on companies to stop placing ads on Facebook as a protest due to the lack of regulation of such content.

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Two days ago, North Face announced that it would stop publishing ads on Facebook.

Facebook instagram and Verizon Communications Inc, one of the largest American Telecom operators, joined the boycott next, rejecting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Unilever also took part in the protest. Clearing television shows, feature films and social media of any hint of racial prejudice has become one of the main themes of the American cultural industry amid protests that began in the United States in connection with the death of a black man, George Floyd, after a harsh arrest by police.

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