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Trump signed an Executive order to protect monuments


President of the United States Donald trump signed an order that toughens the punishment for damage to national monuments. He wrote about this on Friday, June 26, in his Twitter.

“I was honored to sign a very strict decree on the protection of American monuments, memorials, statues and the fight against recent criminal violence,” the American leader wrote on Twitter.

He said that now vandals will be given “long prison terms.”

On June 23, trump promised to protect national monuments from protesters and riots. In addition, he said that he authorized the authorities to arrest anyone who tries to commit an act of vandalism against monuments and statues, and sentence them to imprisonment for up to 10 years.

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Mass riots with acts of looting and vandalism have been occurring in the United States since the end of may. The cause was the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis during a violent police arrest.


So, in the us state of Louisiana, protesters threw a bust of slave owner John McDonough into the river, a similar fate befell the statue of Christopher Columbus in Virginia.

In addition, protesters tried to demolish the statue of the seventh us President, Andrew Jackson, who signed the Indian removal Act.

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