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This is what fuels the APC crisis – Waziri Bulama makes a stunning revelation

Bulama noted that the interests in the party are very diverse


Against the backdrop of a prolonged crisis rocking the All Progressives Congress(APC), the party’s leader and directly former party national Secretary, Waziri Bulama, said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s position on 2023 is one of the factors fueling the impasse in the ruling party.

In an exclusive interview with Globalgistng, Bulama, who is one of the members of the National working Committee (NWC) disbanded by the national Executive Committee (NEC) of the APC, said that there are different people and groups in the party with different needs and aspirations.

It was gathered by Legit.ng saying: “there are those who want power, there are people who only want empowerment, and there are those who want influence, employment, respect and recognition.”

Bulama noted that the interests in the party are very diverse and diverse, adding that the pressure, interests and demands within the 16 million registered members do not pose a threat to the party’s survival.

He said: “I didn’t see the threat of the party breaking up. But I have seen the pressure, the tension to take this or that position, especially the calls for why there is no neck, why there is no this and that? I say that all 14 organs were in a comatose state.

“Court cases are initiated by some of these interests, some of which are political, some of which are personal.


For example, political ambitions; someone thinks that if they lead a party, they can use it for one purpose or another.

In my opinion, the party should function like any well-established institution. When you say “Institute”, the police and the army are institutions.

The Federal civil service with the head of the service is also an institution. The Nigerian government, along with the SGF, is an institution.

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“We have not taken sufficient steps to make sure that political parties are institutions, except about six months ago, when President Buhari, in an address to Oshiomhole and the APC governors, as if he knew, said, please go and institutionalize this party, because he wanted this party to become a highly institutionalized institution that can stand the test of time.

He, however, rejected the rumor that the party may disperse after Buhari takes office, adding that there is no doubt that President Buhari is personally admired and respected by all members of the APC, as well as Nigerians who voted for him twice.

The head of the APC said that the President enjoys not only the loyalty and support of the Council members, but also is a binding force and unifying factor.

“Basically, let me say that all the members of this party and all the people who follow Buhari because of what he symbolizes.”

“They follow him because of the values he stands for and what he stands for. President Buhari is a man who is known for his integrity.

This is a person who believes in the rule of law, transparency and accountability,” he said.

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Meanwhile, It was reported that the Governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, expressed confidence that the ruling APC will continue to strengthen, despite the crisis threatening the soul of the party recently.

It was reported that Governor Bello made this comment during an appearance on the TV channel’s program on Friday, June 26. He said the party would not break up, as some circles have hinted.

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