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I feel sorry for those who say my supposed presidential ambitions are dead-Tinubu

All progressive congressional stalwarts, Bola Tinubu, say he feels sorry for those who say his supposed ambition to become President in 2023 is dead.

Tinubu said in a statement on Saturday, reacting to the dissolution of the National Working Committee by President muhammadu Buhari.

He said: “to those who actively bleated how the President’s actions and the NEC meeting put an end to my supposed ambitions in 2023, I ask for your pity.

“I am just a mere mortal who has neither the foresight nor the political wisdom you claim. You have already assigned a colorful epitaph to the death in 2023 of supposed political ambitions that haven’t even been born yet.”

Tinubu, who did not deny or confirm whether he had presidential ambitions, said there was no time for that because of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

He said he would rather focus on how to ensure the country’s economic recovery.

The former Governor of Lagos state stated: “during this period, I did not engage in policy for 2023. I find this a bit distasteful and somewhat indifferent, especially when so many of our people have been unbalanced by the dual public health and economic crisis we face.

“I have spent these last few months thinking about policies that can help the nation here and now. What I can or can’t do in 3 years seems too remote, given the current needs.”

He said that he worked for the success of the APC as much as any other person, and he will continue to make sacrifices to ensure that the party remains on the path of progress.

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Tinubu added: “I have worked as hard for this party as any other person, and perhaps more than most. Despite this investment, or perhaps because of it, I have no problem with personal sacrifice (and none of us should have such a problem) as long as the party remains true to its progressive, democratic credo. Politics is just a means to power.

“Good policy promotes good governance. However, politics is also a risky venture. No one gets everything they want all the time. Even in a close-knit family, differences and competing interests must be balanced and taken into account.”

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