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Trump compares his relationship with Russia and the Democrats

US President Donald trump said that it is easier for him to do business with Russia and North Korea than with “a little crazy” Democrats.

“A friend of mine, a very smart man… asked me:” which nation is the most difficult to deal with China or perhaps Russia? Or maybe North Korea? I said: “Democrats in the US, ” trump said on June 25 during a speech at a military shipyard in Wisconsin.

According to him, American Democrats are less reasonable and a little crazy. Trump assured workers that their work is much more enjoyable than his.

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“You have no idea what I went through with these people (Democrats. – Ed.), ” he added.

The day before, trump announced plans to transfer part of the us military from Germany to Poland, calling it a “signal” for Russia. At the same time, he expressed confidence that Washington will get along well with Moscow.

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