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Trump positively assessed the negotiations between the US and Russia on nuclear disarmament

Negotiations between Russia and the United States on nuclear arms control are going well, US President Donald trump said on Wednesday, June 24, at a press conference at the White house.

The US continues to unsuccessfully demand the involvement of China in the discussion
“We are currently working with Russia on a weapons agreement, and this is a big deal, in particular on nuclear weapons. I think I can say that we are doing very well, ” the American leader said.

According to him, both countries want this dialogue. In addition, trump said that the us authorities are working with Russian colleagues “on other cases”, while he did not specify which ones.

Russian-American consultations on strategic stability took place on June 22 in Vienna and lasted about 10 hours.

The Russian delegation was led by Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, and the American delegation was led by the us President’s special representative for arms control, Marshall Billingsley.

Later, Billingsley positively assessed the first round of the Vienna talks and said that the parties had agreed on a second round.

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On June 24, the United States announced conditions for extending the strategic offensive arms reduction Treaty (STCW).

In particular, the Americans want to continue implementing the program with the participation of the Chinese side.

At the same time, the Chinese foreign Ministry indicated earlier that attempts to include the Chinese side in the negotiation process are absurd.

The STCW was signed in 2010. It remains the only existing arms limitation Treaty between Russia and the United States. The agreement ends in February 2021.

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