Google to introduce a feature to automatically delete user history

Google intends to introduce a feature to automatically delete location history and user activity data on the Internet after a year and a half. This was announced in his blog by the head of the company Sundar Pichai on June 24.

“When developing our products, we focus on three important principles: ensuring the security of your information, treating it responsibly, and giving you control over it. Today we are announcing improvements to our privacy policy, ” he wrote.

The feature will extend to search history, geolocation history, and voice commands, including those recorded via Google Assistant and Google Home. This data is displayed on the “My actions in Google” page and can be deleted manually.

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Previously, this information was stored for an indefinite period. Now it will be automatically erased after 18 months. However, the new feature only applies to new users, and you will need to activate this option in existing accounts. Already registered users will be notified about the possibility of deleting data after six months of storage.

On the YouTube platform, data will be stored by default for three years to improve video recommendation algorithms, writes the Verge.

This is the second Google innovation this week. The day before, the company announced that since June 22, it has started checking the authenticity of images in the “Images” section.

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