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COVID-19: Oyo State government breakdown on N2.7billion spent

The Oyo state government, in an effort to combat the spread of a global pandemic in the southwestern state, said it had already spent two billion seven hundred and seventy-nine million Naira (N2,779,000, 000).

The state’s COVID-19 task force presented a report on the donations received and how the money was spent through Finance Commissioner Akinola Ojo at the Governor’s office on Tuesday, June 23.

Ojo, during a press briefing, said that the money was used for the following purposes: the establishment of treatment and isolation centers, the purchase of palliatives and seedlings for some residents and farmers, the purchase of ambulances and border security, among others.

The Oyo state government, in an effort to combat the spread of a global pandemic in the southwestern state, said it had already spent two billion seven hundred
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The Commissioner noted that it is important to give the public a breakdown of the costs used to fight the pandemic in accordance with the state Governor’s principle of transparency and accountability.

The Commissioner provided a breakdown of expenditures as follows:

1. 370 million dollars for the establishment of an infection center in Olodo, Ibadan.

2. N453 million for ensuring security at state borders.

3. N118 million to support University College hospital (UCH), Ibadan for testing partnership.

4. N900 million to provide palliatives and seedlings to residents and farmers.

5. N321 million purchase of ambulances for the Ministry of health.

6. N614 million for reagents, body kits, and other items for testing and treating patients.

He went on to say that the N378 million donated to the state still remains intact, as the funds that were spent belong to the state government.

The amount of N15, 000 was approved by the state as a hazard allowance for each medical worker and will be paid from March this month.

The Commissioner also said that other frontline workers and journalists could be considered for hazard benefits after due consideration.

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Oyo State Government gives account of donations and spendings in the bid to combat the spread of the Corona Virus. The Oyo State Government has so far expended the sum of Two Billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Nine Million (2,779,000,000) on the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the state. The state COVID-19 Task Force gave the account through the Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Akinola Ojo this evening during a press briefing held at the Governor’s office. The Commissioner made it known that the amount was spent on setting up of treatment and isolation centres, procurement of palliatives and seedlings for a section of the residents and farmers, as well as, on procurement of ambulances and the security of the state's borders, among others. He noted that about 900 million naira was used in the procurement of palliatives for the vulnerable and farmers; 370 million naira for the rehabilitation of infectious disease center at Olodo; 450 million naira for security and surveillance at various state borders; 118 million naira to support the University College Hospital (UCH); 614 million naira for the purchase of reagents, test kits and other medical consumables; 321 million naira for purchase of ambulances amongst other expenditures. He added that a total amount of 378 million naira was donated into the state endowment fund, with other financial contributions that could be estimated to 1.177 billion naira, and also an expectancy of about 100 million naira to the state by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). He, however noted that monies donated to the state were still intact as expenses incurred has been solely state government funds. The commissioner, who stated that the state has approved a total of N15,000 per health worker as hazard allowance disclosed that the allowance from March 2020 will be paid this month, while journalists and other front line workers might be considered for hazard allowance after due consideration.

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Before, it is reported that due to security concerns of COVID-19, the Oyo state government has postponed the date for the resumption of education for students of primary school No. 6, Junior high school No. 3 and senior high school No. 3 in the state.

Task COVID-19 of Oyo state made this statement on Tuesday, June 23, after it reviewed the state’s readiness for the planned reopening of schools. Earlier, the state said that students in elementary grades 6, JSS 3 and SS3 in the state can resume their studies on Monday, June 29.

But a spokesman for Oyo state Governor Taiwo Adisa said in a statement that under the new agreement, teachers will be resumed on Monday, June 29.

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