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Putin’s address to the Russians and also signed a decree to pay 10,000 rubles to families with children under 16

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, June 23, made an address to the citizens of the country, during which he summed up the main results of the fight against Coronavirus infection in the country over the past three months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a one-time payment of 10,000 rubles to families with children under the age of 16. This became known on Tuesday, June 23

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a one-time payment of 10,000 rubles to families with children under the age of 16. This became known on Tuesday, June 23.

In addition, the head of state announced the extension of incentive payments for medical staff and employees of social institutions, as well as the expansion of preferential mortgages for citizens and preferential loans for businesses.

Extension of incentive and social payments

Incentive payments, which were introduced for medical staff due to increased workload during the pandemic, are being extended for July and August.

“The fight against the epidemic continues, as well as hard work in hospitals, clinics, and ambulance stations, so, as I said, it was decided to extend all these payments for July and August,” the Russian leader said in a televised address to the Russians.

According to Putin, additional payments were also provided for employees of social institutions, children’s boarding schools, nursing homes, and educational psychologists.

In addition, the Russian leader promised that increased payments will be maintained in July and August for people who lost their jobs.

“Families where both parents lost their jobs will continue to receive 3,000 rubles per child and increased unemployment benefits in July and August,” the head of state said.

The Russian leader also announced an additional payment of 10 thousand rubles for each child from birth to 16 years. According to Putin, this measure can be used by Russian families, where about 28 million children grow up.

Tax policy

From January 1, 2021, the personal income tax rate will change from 13% to 15% for those who earn more than 5 million rubles a year.

The President said that such a tax system will allow to attract an additional 60 billion rubles to the budget.

“I propose to “color” these funds, as experts say, to protect them from any other use and target them for the treatment of children with severe rare diseases, for the purchase of expensive medicines, equipment and rehabilitation tools, for high tech operations,” the President said.

Putin also suggested simplifying the tax payment scheme for those who are tax residents in Russia but develop businesses abroad.

In his opinion, such citizens should be allowed to pay a fixed tax amount of 5 million rubles a year without additional reporting.

The national plan will cost about 5 trillion rubles
Preferential mortgages and expansion of preferential loans for businesses

During the address to the Russians, the President said that it is necessary to expand the opportunities for choosing comfortable modern housing.

“In this regard, I propose to extend the preferential mortgage on new housing cost not up to 3 [million rubles], as before, but up to 6 million rubles. And in the largest agglomerations — Moscow and Saint Petersburg-up to 12 million rubles, ” Putin said.

According to him, real estate prices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are objectively higher than in Russia as a whole.

In addition, Putin instructed the government to allocate another 100 billion rubles for a program of preferential loans for businesses at 2%.

The situation with coronavirus in the regions

“Enhanced measures of sanitary protection played a role and allowed us to repel the first blow, delay the peak of the epidemic for one and a half to two months and thus, even then, in February — early March, to gain valuable time. This means doing everything to save dozens of lives, ” the Russian leader said.

However, in a number of regions — Tuva, Karachay-Cherkessia, Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi districts — the epidemiological situation remains difficult, Putin said. At the same time, according to him, the government has already worked out a rapid response mechanism.

The President stressed that no one will be left in the lurch.

If necessary, the resources of leading medical centers, the Armed forces, the Ministry of emergency situations, and volunteers will be involved in the fight against coronavirus in the regions, the Russian leader added.

The President also instructed the government to allocate another 100 billion rubles to support the regions. We have already allocated 200 billion rubles.

All to the front: how doctors are fighting coronavirus in the “red zone”
At the peak of the epidemic, “covid” hospitals attracted doctors of various specialties.

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Vaccine development

The Russian President called on citizens to maintain maximum care and caution before developing mass production of a vaccine against coronavirus infection.

He noted that 14 Federal research centers are currently working on this, and the stage of clinical trials of the first samples on humans has already begun.

“I understand that we all want the much needed drug to appear as soon as possible, but there can only be one principle,” Putin recalled.

The vaccine should not do any harm, this requires confidence in its effectiveness, reliability and safety, the President said.

At the same time, the Russian leader stressed that although the coronavirus vaccine is important, it is not a panacea. According to him, it is possible to resist infection only if preventive measures are taken.

“The last three months have dramatically changed the lives of Russians”

The head of state noted that the Russian society was not confused by the threat of coronavirus infection, which helped the country find an effective response to the challenge.

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“In these certainly difficult days, weeks, months, we all had a completely different sense of time, they contained too much: the dramatically changed way of life, forced restrictions for work and communication, anxiety and fear, and even the bitterness of loss, separation from relatives and friends, the idea of what will happen tomorrow, how to protect and protect the closest people from harm, how to provide for family, children, and support parents,” Putin said.

According to him, many people were United by a clear understanding of the situation, awareness of the threat that it is only possible to fight and win together and that human life is the main thing.

He thanked the people of the country for their responsible attitude to the implementation of restrictive measures during the most dangerous period of the pandemic.

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