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VIDEO: Obaseki finally joins PDP a few days after leaving APC

This official statement was made by the Edo state Governor on Friday, June 19, in Benin city

Godwin Obaseki, the embattled Governor of Edo state, finally defected to the people’s Democratic party (PDP).

Obaseki officially defected to the PDP on Friday, June 19, at the party’s Secretariat in Benin city, the capital of Edo state.

In a video posted by the PDP on its official Twitter page, Obaseki said that he became a member of the PDP in Edo state and in Nigeria as a whole, to applause and chants of”4+4″.

Recall that the Governor of Edo state left the Congress of all progressives (APC) a few days after the party disqualified him from the primary election for Governor.

After leaving APC Obaseki met with leaders of the PDP, and this event gave rise to assumptions about his upcoming move to the side of the leading opposition party.

Obaseki finally defects to PDP (video)

Governor Obaseki also tweeted about his official transition to the PDP on his official Twitter page.

“I officially joined the PDP to advance my ambitions for re-election as Governor of Edo state. I, as always, remain committed to creating good governance and sustainable development of our dear state, ” he tweeted.

On Thursday, June 18, Edo state PDP Chairman Tony Azegbemi said that Governor Obaseki has already registered with the opposition party and his membership card is ready.

Azegbemi said that the Governor of Edo state will join the NDP when I get back from Abuja.

It reported that Adams Oshiomhole, the ousted APC Chairman, described Obaseki’s exit from the APC as “good riddance to bad garbage”.

The ousted APC Chairman also promised that the ruling party would go to court over inconsistencies in Obaseki’s certificate if the PDP nominated the Governor as its standard-bearer in the upcoming elections.

“Fortunately, it was the PDP that exposed him in 2016. PDP filed a lawsuit in the Federal High court, reinforcing each segment of forgery in its certificate.

The APC just managed to avoid this because the PDP filed an application out of time and the case was struck off. – Now the case has life, so when they put it out, we will be in court to accept what the PDP has sued against him, with the additional evidence we now have against him.

So we can’t wait for the PDP will put him as their candidate,” said Oshiomhole.

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Meanwhile, Nigerians via a social media post wrote: previously, he advised the Governor of Obaseki on what to do after his disqualification of the APC. Many warned the Edo state Governor against switching to the PDP, while others said joining the leading opposition party was the best move for him.

Daniel Ajayi said that he would advise Obaseki to stay in the APC, despite his disqualification. Ajayi said: “I would advise him to stay in the APC! The reason is that he has to study the case of Ameka Uwosu in the Supreme court, that you can’t be a candidate from two different political parties in the same election.

“Based on this judgment, he cannot be Governor through the NDP or any other party in this context. He is already a contestant in the APC, having purchased an expression of interest and also passed the screening.

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He must be wise! In his own reaction, Olonitola Felix Crystal said he would advise the Governor of Edo state “to be careful with any party that he eventually joins.” “I will tell him to be careful with any party he finally joins, because everyone already knows that he has a missing self.

The day he tries to do the same with Oshiomole, the party will remind him of his missing self. Obaseki is not Obaseki. Be careful, ” crystal commented. “If he decides to work on a different platform, he should just agree to his level 3 credit score.

The use of any of the higher and defective “certificates” will certainly lead to the opposite results.”

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