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The source said there was a deliberate delay in the withdrawal of US troops from Germany


The US Department of defense is deliberately slowing down the process of withdrawing part of the military contingent from Germany, which was previously announced by President Donald trump. This was stated by the Washington Post, citing its own sources in the defense Department.

According to the publication, the deliberate delay is due to the deterioration of relations with the commander-in-chief. American generals allegedly ignore the President’s instructions on this issue. The newspaper also pointed out that a similar situation is happening around the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

At the same time, the White house, according to the publication, believes that defense Secretary mark Esper and the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the us armed forces, General mark Milli, deliberately use the tactic of “bureaucratic intransigence” to prevent Trump from achieving his goals.

At the same time, a source told the Washington Post that there is nothing heroic in such behavior of the generals, and if they really find the President’s desire to relocate American forces so repulsive, then the best solution for them would be to resign.

On June 15, trump threatened to reduce the number of American troops in Germany to 25 thousand people if the country does not pay for their deployment. Washington’s intention will be discussed by NATO defense Ministers during a video conference on June 17-18.

On June 13, trump said that the us military will no longer restore other countries and solve conflicts in foreign countries. According to him, a new view on the protection of vital us interests has returned.


Currently, the US military contingent in Germany is 35 thousand people.

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