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The Polish President plans to meet with trump in the near future


The President of Poland Andrzej Duda for the next week and can meet with the leader of the USA Donald trump at the White house. This was reported on Wednesday, June 17, by the newspaper Politico, citing sources in the administrations of the leaders of the two countries.

According to a Polish source, the parties intend to discuss a defense agreement called “Fort trump” and the deployment of American troops in Poland. It is noted that the exact date of the meeting is still unknown.

Experts expressed surprise at the possibility of Duda’s visit. So the former us Ambassador to Poland in the Clinton administration, Daniel fried, said that, in his opinion, Duda did a good job with the trump administration, but “in Poland in the last days of the presidential election, Duda faced strong competition.”

“Duda’s visit can now be seen as a secret game of the US in Poland. Not a good idea, ” he said.

The publication reports that the White house declined to comment on the possible visit of the President of Poland, the Polish Embassy in the United States said that they do not have any information about the meeting of the presidents.

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On June 11, first Deputy foreign Minister Vladimir Titov reacted to possible us plans to relocate its nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland. Russia will take comprehensive measures in response to any threat to its security, he said.


In Mid-May, us Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher said that Warsaw could place American nuclear missiles on its territory if the German government decides to reduce its nuclear Arsenal, according to the Federal news Agency.

On May 16, Federation Council member Alexey Pushkov warned the United States against deploying nuclear weapons in Poland, suggesting that the current American authorities learn about the history of the 1962 Caribbean crisis.

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