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Ekiti State PDP Link Forum Commends Ojudu On Fayemi

The PDP Link Forum of Ekiti state, a formidable group within the Ekiti state people’s Democratic party chaired by Hon Fatai Adeyemo, praised Senator Babafemi Ojudu for his bold move to denounce the work of the Kayode Fayemi – led government in Ekiti state from two years ago.

This allegation was made public today when Adeyemo spoke to the press at the end of a group meeting held at the FACTOM hotel, Ado /Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti state.

Special adviser to the President for political Affairs muhammadu Buhari, office of the Vice President, Senator Babafemi Ojudu previously rated the Fayemi government as low overall and especially in performance for almost two years as a waste of time and accused the state government of running the state and the party as a one-man show and puppeteer, which was far below the expectations of the average Ekiti resident.

Ojudu previously lamented in a press release: “where is the focus on people now? Is this a road that the government is building? Is it providing employment for the population? Does it provide food? Where is the management? I want you to do a google search and tell me where the projects are located?

Former Council scribe ADO Ekiti praised Senator Ojudu and described him as a true and courageous Ekiti man who would never deceive the Ekiti people because of politics. “Do you see how Senator Ojudu took Fayemi to the bathroom?” Again, can you understand how Ojudu was able to condemn the deception used by the current government in the cacophony projects that he has been engaged in for the past six years without being incarcerated? You need to ask whether these projects are viable for Ekiti residents and what benefits, for example, civic center and co are getting for Ekiti residents.” Adeyemo said.

Adeyemo frowned as the fayemi government embarked on a flippant interview with unsuspecting job seekers in Ekiti state with no job application letters from last year, which He described as “ridiculous.”

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However, he welcomed the relentless and relentless efforts of the legal luminary, founder and owner of AFE Babalola University, ADO Ekiti, Aare AFE Babalola, to make sure that the ureje bridge in ADO Ekiti, connecting the state capital with ikare Akoko in Ondo state with the Northern part of the country, attracted the attention of the government: “let me take this opportunity to thank the son of the earth, Aare AFE Babalola, for his tireless efforts to make sure that the urege bridge, which was abandoned by the current government, is restored.now I’ve taken care of it. You can see that AFE Babalola shouted, wrote to the Federal government to bring this bridge to bearable condition. We thank him for the fact that they started the work.” Adeyemo asked.

Recall that the ureye bridge connects ADO Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti state, with the Federal Polytechnic University, ADO Ekiti, AFE Babalola University, ABUAD, ADO Ekiti, the newly awarded cargo airport that leads Ekiti to ikare in Ondo state and to the Northern part of the country, which has cut off the state capital from others left unattended since last year paralyzing the state’s economic activities along with neighboring neighboring States.

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