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The danger of naive and Academic Pastors for the Church of Christ

It is very unfortunate that today the Church of God is being shaken by lawlessness, recklessness and criminality to the extent that they are manifested, and this is alarming.

The Church of God, which should be a spiritual citadel, has become a refuge for sensual and carnal activity. Spirituality gave way to the flesh, the Holy Spirit was relegated to the background in all aspects of Church efforts, so lawlessness, indiscipline, and illegality entered the Church, leading to a number of spiritual follies and accidents in the Church.

The main chaos destroying the Christian world is the use of academic qualifications without spiritual experience as the main criterion for ordination of a pastor to the Church.

Today, in most of our Penticostal churches, what they used as a condition for being a pastor is to have a minimum qualification as a degree holder, otherwise you can’t be a pastor there.

Recently, one of these academic pastors stabbed his wife to death in Lagos, the following week, another academic pastor in the same Ministry sent assassins to kill a female member of the Church whom he impregnated when the lady refused to terminate the pregnancy.

It was also alleged that the founder of a prominent Church in Nigeria removed some of the founders of the Church because they were not University graduates and replaced them with University graduates.

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When he wanted to start a Ministry, he saw graduates before co-opting them into the Ministry.

In some Churches, I saw some Ph. D. pastors messing around in the pulpit, while I also saw school certificate pastors serving, and the entire congregation was electrified by the fire of the Holy spirit.

What, then, is the point of using academic qualifications as the main criterion for pastors in the Ministry? You can imagine why these childish and naive pastors are collapsing like a house of cards at a disparaging.

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