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Putin is preparing an article about world war II

Russian President Vladimir Putin has prepared an article about the Second world war. It will make its own decision on the publication date. This was announced on June 14 by the press Secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

“He is ready, “RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

Earlier, on May 15, Peskov said that the publication date of the President’s article on world war II depends on the date of Victory celebration.

During a large press conference on December 19, Putin said that he was going to write and publish an article about the events leading up to world war II.

The next day, Putin admitted that the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on September 19 on the causes of world war II, which claims that the war was provoked by Germany and the USSR, surprised and offended him.

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On September 19, the European Parliament adopted a resolution “on the importance of European memory for the future of Europe” with 535 votes in favor and 66 against, which strongly criticizes the policy of the Soviet leadership.

Thus, the document claims that the Second world war was provoked by Germany and the USSR, who signed a non-aggression Treaty.

According to the European Parliament, the USSR then “occupied” the Baltic States and part of the territory of Poland, and launched a war with Finland.

About why the West seeks to rewrite the results of the Second world war and who benefits from lying to Russia.

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