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Trump declares the end of US intervention in foreign conflicts

The US military will no longer restore other countries and resolve conflicts in foreign countries. This was stated by US President Donald trump during a speech to graduates of the West point military Academy in new York state.

The event was broadcast on June 13 on the White house Facebook page.

“You begin your career in the military at a crucial moment in American history. We return the fundamental principles according to which the task of the American soldier is not to restore other countries, but to defend and resolutely defend our country from external enemies,” the Republican said.

According to him, a new view on the protection of vital us interests has returned. It is not the responsibility of a country’s military to resolve conflicts in countries that people have never heard of.

“We are not the police of this world. But let our enemies know that if our people are threatened, we will never, ever hesitate, ” he promised.

Meanwhile, on June 9, trump notified the leaders of the Senate and house of representatives of Congress that Washington will continue operations against the banned in Russia “Islamic state”, “al-Qaeda”, “Taliban” and related groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Niger.

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In addition, the head of state informed that American military personnel are part of the peacekeeping forces and military observer missions in the Sinai Peninsula and Kosovo, as well as helping in the fight against terrorism in the Philippines.

According to a report published in 2019 by the Stockholm international peace research Institute (SIPRI), the United States is in first place in the world in terms of military spending ($649 billion). In total, there are now more than 600 US military bases operating in the world.

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