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Coronavirus outbreak occurs in Ukrainian President office

An outbreak of coronavirus infection was recorded in the office of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. “” writes the publication on Saturday, June 13, with reference to a source in the administration.

It is reported that the Minister for the reintegration of temporarily occupied territories, Alexey Reznikov, and adviser to the leader of Ukraine, Ruslan Demchenko, fell ill on COVID-19.

“The diagnosis for both became known last night,” the publication notes.

A few days ago, the officials visited Paris, where they held talks with the foreign policy adviser to the French President, Emmanuel Bonn.

Earlier, on Saturday, the anti-record for the number of detected cases was broken in Ukraine, as 753 people were confirmed to have coronavirus in the country during the day.

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The day before, it was reported that Zelensky switched to a remote mode of operation due to the detection of a coronavirus in his wife Elena. At the same time, on June 9, the Ukrainian leader said that he wanted to intentionally get infected with the coronavirus in order to show people by his own example “that this is not the plague”.

The total number of detected cases of coronavirus in Ukraine to date has reached 30,506, 880 patients died from the infection, and 13,976 were cured.

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