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American scientists have explained the high mortality rate of men from COVID-19

Scientists from Yale University in the United States have identified why men carry COVID-19 in a more severe form, and also more often die from the disease. The results of the study were published on June 9 on the medical portal medRxiv.

American experts in their work point to statistical data, according to which about 60% of victims of coronavirus infection are male.

Scientists took blood samples from almost a hundred people of different genders who were hospitalized from March 18 to may 9 with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, and also monitored the reactions of their immune systems.

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In the course of the study, they found that men during infection with the coronavirus increased the level of Pro-inflammatory molecules. While women during the disease are better activated T-cells that are responsible for the immune system.

“These findings point to key differences in basic immune abilities in men and women at the early stage of SARS-CoV-2 infection and suggest potential immunological justification for different mechanisms of disease progression between the sexes,” the publication says.

According to American scientists, stimulating the T-cell immune response in men can increase the effectiveness of their treatment of COVID-19.

On May 20, Chinese experts named possible causes for a more severe course of COVID-19 and higher mortality from coronavirus infection in men.

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