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The expert assessed trump’s intention to develop an icebreaking program

The United States will have to create the icebreaker construction industry from scratch, since at the moment there are no qualified specialists in this field, as well as the necessary shipyards, said Alexey Bezborodov, managing partner of Infra Projects LLC.

According to the expert, the United States has shipbuilding, but there is no shipbuilding as such. In addition, for construction, it is necessary to first build new shipyards, as well as train several thousand people in engineering work.

“All shipbuilding expertise in terms of engineering is located in Germany, while shipbuilding is directly concentrated in China, South Korea and Japan. From the point of view of icebreaking — in Russia and 10-15% in Finland… They can build a diesel engine quickly enough, in a year and a half… nuclear, too, they have nuclear engines, the question of price (on ships-Ed.)… They haven’t started yet, in fact, it will be from scratch.”

Bezborodov noted that at the moment the United States does not have anyone to rent icebreakers, since the heavy icebreaker fleet exists only in Russia.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that US President Donald trump ordered to develop a program for the construction of icebreakers for the Arctic and Antarctic. The program must include at least three heavy-class vessels, according to the order of the head of the White house.

In the fall of 2019, the US media reported on Washington’s dissatisfaction with the strengthening of Russia and China in the Arctic. In may, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo outlined his Northern doctrine at a meeting of the Arctic Council, which carried a message: “The Arctic is not Russian, but American.”

At the same time, the American expert declared the loss of the States of Russia in the Arctic.

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