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REN TV will show a documentary about Efremov and his star colleagues

REN TV channel on June 11 will show a documentary about the actor Mikhail Efremov and other famous artists who got into trouble due to alcohol consumption.

The film ” Citizen pig. Why can they do anything?» tell the stories of celebrities who staged drunken antics, being confident in their invulnerability. The investigation will tell you why celebrities avoid responsibility for their actions, who helps them in this, as well as what happened before the accident involving Efremov.

An accident involving an SUV driven by Efremov occurred on the evening of June 8 on Smolenskaya square in the Russian capital, a Car rammed a Lada van, driven by a 58-year-old courier Sergei Zakharov died at the Sklifosovsky research Institute.

The artist himself was not seriously injured. According to eyewitnesses, Efremov was in a state of alcoholic intoxication and barely stood on his feet, and also expressed an intention to cure Zakharov, stating that he had “money up to… (obscene)”.

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After the death of the victim, the criminal case was reclassified to a more serious composition from part 2 of article 264 of the criminal code to part 4 of the same article (“Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles committed by a person who is intoxicated, and caused the death of a person”).

The actor faces up to 12 years in prison. Efremov himself called the incident monstrous.

On June 9, the court issued a decision on Efremov’s house arrest. The artist will serve a measure of restraint at the address Moscow, Plotnikov pereulok until 4/5, apartment 7 until August 9. Efremov agrees with the decision.

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