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How to clear stretch masks with water leaves

Water leaf is a vegetable that is very popular in Nigeria as most people use it in cooking soups. Water leaf is not only known in Nigeria but is is also native to Mexico, The Caribbeans, West Africa, Central America and much of South America.

The awesome benefits of water leaf is the reason why it is greatly known in different tribes accross the world. Some people use water leaf for just soup, while some people use it just for its medicinal values and to treat some sickness or diseases and others just enjoy water leaf as a drink.

Which ever way Water leaf is consumed doesnt take away its awesome benefits to humans.


• Ceylon Spinach

• Cariru

• Gbure

• Surinam Purslane

• Philippine Spinach

• Florida Spinach

• Potherb Fameflower


1) Prevent heart disease and stroke

2) Water leaf boost cognitive ability

3) It is used for weight loss

4) Treats diabetes

5) Reduction of high cholesterol in the blood etc.

Water leaf is highly rich in Vitamins such as Vitamin A and C. And also has minerals such as Iron and Calcium .

Water leaf has so many benefits but we will be focusing on how to use water leaf to treat stretch marks.

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Stretch mark occurs when the skin becomes elastic and expanded due to certain reason such as

• Pregnancy and chid birth

• Exercise

• Bad cream

• Skin contidion etc.

Water leafs is rich in antioxidants which helps to repair damaged skin. when water leaf is used on skin that has stretch mark, it fixes the root cause of the problem.


Merge your water leaf in a container, morter or blender so you can extract the juice in it. Do not add water so you can have a thick paste. Rub it on the surface where you have the stretch mark. use it at least twice a day.

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