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Edo State can’t be like Zamfara or Rivers State

Eigbefo Felix from Edo State, an APC member, Tells Global Gist Nigeria, about APC crisis,and forthcoming APC primary election in the state,and he lay emphasis on what is going on between Gov. Obaseki and our National Chairman Oshiomole, Saying Edo State will never be like Zamfara or River, that everything will be solve and be in accordance with the Party Constitution.

Edo state APC governorship primary election will take place on June 22nd ,2020 in the state.

National chairman of APC Adams Aliu Oshiomole has written to Independent National Electoral Commission about the party intention of conducting Direct Primary election in Edo state on the 22nd of June ,2020 and INEC has received the letter.

In Edo state ,All Progressive Congress have two factional chairmen, Barr. Anselm Ojezua and Col. Imuse.

Barr. Ojezua as a factional chairman of APC in the state said the party need Indirect Primary election while Col. Imuse as a factional chairman of Edo state APC also said the party need Direct primary election for June 22nd governorship primary election.

Indirect Primary election will give room for some party members called delegates to decide the next Governorship candidate of APC while Direct Primary election will also give room for all registered Party members in the state, APC to pick their governorship candidate.

If Edo state APC decide to use indirect primary election ,which factional chairman will present the delegates or conduct the delegates election?

For Edo state APC not to be like Zamfara or Rivers state because of the current leadership fight between the two factional chairmen, Barr. Anselm and Col. Imuse, the NWC of APC have decided to conduct Direct Primary election.

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As far there is no faction in APC national that means the direct primary election will be the best way to go and with that court case will not affect the candidate of Edo state APC.

Indirect primary election will raise court case because the two factional chairmen will conduct separate governorship primary election but in Direct Primary election the national working Committee of APC will be in charge of the primary election.

With Direct Primary election, Edo state APC can’t fall in the way of zamfara and Rivers state.

Global Gist Nigeria.

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