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In Germany, all gas stations will be charged for electric vehicles

According to Reuters, as part of the strategy for the recovery of the Germany economy, which will be allocated 130 billion euros, the government of the country announced its intention to install chargers at all petrol stations. According to the idea, this should spur the demand for electric vehicles, because now it is limited, including due to the insufficiently developed infrastructure of charging stations, which can not provide comfortable movement over long distances. Together with current subsidies for the purchase of “electric trains”, as well as increased taxes on the ownership of cars with internal combustion engines, such measures should contribute to the abandonment of old cars in favor of battery-powered ones.

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By the way, recently in Germany, more and more people are opting for electric cars: if last year their share of the total number of cars purchased was only 1.8%, then in may 2020 it reached 3.3%. As of March this year, there were 27,730 charging stations in the country, although the number of gas stations is constantly decreasing (from 40,640 in 1965 to 14,118 in 2020), so experts of the Federal Association of energy and water management believe that the measures taken will not be enough for a mass transition to electric vehicles. In their opinion, this requires at least 77 thousand terminals. However, after the adoption of these measures, Germany will be among the world leaders in supporting the electric car market.

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