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The Russian market has started to recover

In April, the Russian market for new cars collapsed by 72% due to the quarantine. However, in may, sales gradually went up. According to the Association of European businesses, 63,000 new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in Russia last month. This number does not include the results of BMW and Mercedes (along with its subsidiary brands Mini and smart), which now publish reports once a quarter, but the indicator of a relative drop in demand is true without them: compared to may 2019, sales sank “only” by 52%. And if in the failed April, only the Changan brand showed positive dynamics, in may, Haval, Fiat, FAW and Isuzu also boasted an increase.

The top five have changed again, although all of them have not yet been able to come close to last year’s figures. Ahead of Lada and Kia (minus 46% and 59%), and in third place returned to Hyundai (minus 56%), which in April unexpectedly fell back to the seventh line of the rating. Renault and Toyota lost 47% and 43% respectively. Mitsubishi is the most difficult of the major players so far (minus 83%), although Lifan, Infiniti and Zotye have failed by 87-89%.

The trio of most popular models still consists of the Lada Granta, Lada Vesta and Kia Rio. However, the rest of the market continues to surprise: previously lived in the second ten of the rating Lada 4×4 is now in eighth place, and the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which in April was knocked out on the 23rd place, in may took the seventeenth line! Compared to the same month last year, demand for Prado sank by only 10%. Sales of cars from the more affordable segment, unfortunately, are not recovering so quickly.

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