The updated Toyota Fortuner SUV is presented


The Fortuner is the simplest and most affordable of Toyota’s frame SUVs. It is unified with the Hilux pickup, and its main markets are South-East Asia and Australia, although recently the Fortuner is sold in Russia as well. The second-generation all-terrain vehicle has been on the Assembly line for five years, and has now undergone its first upgrade. The premiere took place in the small homeland of fortune In Thailand, where the cars are delivered to our market, among others. And in addition, the range was unexpectedly supplemented… by the rich and expensive configuration of the Legend.


The standard Toyota Fortuner retained the overall design, but gained different bumpers (the front has built-in diode strips of turn signals), standard led headlights (previously they were an option) and a new grille pattern. The more expensive versions have diode taillights and 18-inch wheels with a different design.

Toyota Fortuner

There are fewer changes in the seven-seat cabin. Revised the design of the dials, improved graphics colour display trip computer (its size is still 4.2 inches), and the new media system has increased the screen (eight inches instead of seven), the other interface as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The concept of driving modes has been revised: instead of two buttons (Eco and PWR) on the Central tunnel, there are now three (Eco, Normal and Sport).

Toyota Fortuner Legender

The rich Toyota Fortuner Legendary looks different. It has its own design of the front, with other headlights, a wide mouth of the air intake and turn signals in the form of a running line. The wheels are 20 inches in diameter, and the body is two-color and decorated with black decor.

Toyota Fortuner Legender

The interior has two-color “leather” upholstery, a different design of devices, a nine-inch screen of the media system and contour lighting. Also from the equipment, the Legend sports all-round cameras (the “normal” version has a camera only in the back), wireless charging for smartphones, a JBL audio system and an electric fifth door drive (although it was used by Fortune even before the facelift).

Toyota Fortuner Legender

In Thailand, the updated Fortuner is presented only with four-cylinder turbo diesels of the GD family. Base engine 2.4 (150 HP, 400 Nm) the same, but the 2.8 engine upgraded: improved cooling system, added balance shaft, modified control program, and eventually returns increased from 177 HP and 450 Nm to 204 HP and 500 Nm. Toyota claims that the Fortuner 2.8 was 17% more economical. In addition, the idle speed is reduced from 850 to 680 rpm – for stable operation when driving off-road.

updated Fortuner

In some markets, the old 3.0 diesels and 2.7 and 4.0 petrol engines will remain. the six-Speed automatic has not changed, as well as the hard-wired all-wheel drive with a downshift. In Asia, the simplest Fortuners are still rear-wheel drive. Among the technical improvements — another power steering with variable performance. Finally, the permitted weight of the towed trailer has been increased from 2,800 to 3,100 kg (although the Russian certificate specifies 2,500 kg).

In Thailand and Australia, updated Toyota Fortuner SUVs will start selling in August. The company does not specify the timing of the appearance of cars in Russia. But the wait, apparently, will be a long time, because even deliveries of pre-reform SUVs were irregular and dealers often remained without a stock of cars.

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