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Russian Embassy confirms delivery of MiG-29 fighters to Syria


The Russian Embassy in Syria confirmed the delivery of a batch of MiG-29 fighters to the Syrian army. The diplomatic mission announced this on its page in the social network Twitter.

It is noted that this is the second batch of MiG-29 fighters from Russia in the framework of military and technical bilateral cooperation. Representatives of the Embassy said that the Syrian military has already begun to carry out missions on fighter planes.

On May 26, the African command of the US armed forces (AFRICOM) reported that Russia allegedly delivered MiG-29 fighters and su-24 bombers to Libyan mercenaries acting on the side of the Libyan national army (LNA). It was claimed that the transfer was carried out earlier in may through an intermediate point in Syria, where they even tried to repaint the equipment to hide its origin. Later, the Pentagon added that we are talking about 14 aircraft.

In the state Duma, the statements of AFRICOM were denied. First Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on defense Andrey Krasov called the information about the transfer of aircraft “a horror story in the American way”.


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