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Trump called Biden “politically weak”


The President of the United States Donald trump lashed out at his political rival, a possible candidate from the Democratic party in the upcoming elections, Joseph Biden. In response to Biden’s negative assessment of the measures taken by the authorities to restore order in the country, the American leader called him “politically weak”. Trump announced this on Tuesday, June 2, in his Twitter.

Earlier, the leader of the Democrats spoke out against the crackdown on protesters at the White house and negatively assessed the photo of the President at the St. John’s Church, which was damaged by the crackdown.

“Sleepy Joe has been in politics for 40 years and has done nothing. Now he pretends to know the answers. He doesn’t even know what these questions are,” trump said sarcastically. He also added that “weakness will never win over anarchists, looters or hooligans.”

“And Joe has been politically weak all his life. Law and order! ” – concluded the head of the White house.

Deputy white house press Secretary Judd Deere previously denied reports that protesters in Lafayette square in Washington had to be dispersed because US President Donald trump was heading there.

The day before, after addressing citizens about the riots, trump decided to walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is located in Lafayette square.


Demonstrators gather there every night.

It was claimed that before the arrival of trump, the protesters were dispersed with tear gas.

Law enforcement officers allegedly did not know about the imminent arrival of trump, the crowd was dispersed after aggression towards a police officer and attempts by protesters to climb on the roof of one of the buildings.

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Earlier in the day, trump called on the new York city authorities to use the national Guard to counter the rioters. He also called them losers and scum.

The riots began in the United States after the death of 46-year-old African-American George Floyd in heavy police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As follows from the videos published on the network, four law enforcement officers knocked the unarmed man to the ground, and one of them, a white police officer, put his knee on his neck.

At the same time, the detainee complained of being unable to breathe, after which he lost consciousness.

He later died in intensive care from asphyxia.

The police officers involved were fired, and one of them was charged with negligent homicide.

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