Global auto market first results in May/June


The first reports of new cars sales in May began to arrive. They are, of course, bleak, although the volume of the disaster is not the same as it was in April.

The pandemic is on the decline, and many countries are gradually coming out of quarantine. For example, in France, demand, compared with may last year, sank by 50%, to 96 thousand cars (in April it was minus 89% and 21 thousand). In Spain, the last spring month ended with a fall of 73% (up to 34 thousand cars) against 97% in April. The preliminary result of may in the United States — a decline in sales by 25% instead of April’s 53%. And the Chinese market sank by only 2.5% (exact data will appear later).

Among automakers, Hyundai was one of the first to report. In May, 217,510 cars were sold worldwide — 39% less than in the same month last year (359 thousand). At the same time, demand in the home market in South Korea increased by 4.5% (to 71 thousand cars), but in other countries it fell by almost half (to 147 thousand).

In Russia, only AVTOVAZ has revealed the May statistics so far. During the month, 15,580 Lada cars were sold — this is 46% less than in may 2019. Recall that in April, the decline reached 71%. The three most popular models are Granta (5726 pieces), Vesta (4475) and Largus (1981). In addition, 1083 Chevrolet Niva SUVs were sold (minus 25%) — this model has not yet changed the brand, although since December all rights to it are fully owned by AVTOVAZ.

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