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Political scientist explains trump’s desire to invite Russia to the G7 summit

The desire to invite Russia to the G7 summit indicates the interest of US President Donald trump to establish relations with Moscow and expand the capabilities of the G7. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Yuri Svetov on May 31.

“He ( Donald Trump ), in particular, because he spoke about his desire to establish relations with Russia, which did not work out for him and it is characteristic that he wants to invite other countries. He spoke about the limitations of the format in which “seven” works, – said Svetov.

According to the political scientist, by the end of the presidential term, trump has acquired a lot of freedom of action. And before the next election, which will be held in November, he needs to fulfill the promises he made during the last presidential race.

Svetov also recalled that trump invited Australia, India and South Korea to the meeting countries that have a significant influence on the development of events in their regions. At the same time, the US President did not invite China, which, according to the political scientist, “actually unleashes a war”.

“We are calm about the fact that we are no longer a member of the G8, we are actively working in the Council of 20 countries, but we never refuse any dialogues. And the invitation of Russia to this meeting, if it takes place, gives an opportunity to Express their point of view and listen to the positions of other parties in a direct dialogue,” concluded Yuri Svetov.

The American leader decided to postpone the G7 summit from the end of June to September, and also expressed a desire to invite Russia, India, South Korea and Australia to it, it was reported on May 30.

Trump noted that the current composition of the G7 does not represent the whole world, making such a format obsolete.

The G7 (“big seven”) is an international club that unites the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States, France and Japan. It originally included six countries: the first meeting with France, the United States, great Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan was held in 1957.

In 1976, the ” six “turned into the “seven”, taking Canada into its composition, and since 2002 it has been transformed into the” eight ” with the participation of Russia.

Russia ceased to be a member of the G8 in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea. Since then, the member States of the Association have held summits in the format of the “big seven”.

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