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VIDEO: Upgraded Renault Kaptur with turbo engine

According to the plan of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the company will expand unification both within its own model range, and with Nissan and Mitsubishi cars

Two days ago, the global strategy of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance was published, yesterday Nissan unveiled its own plan, and now it is the turn of the Renault Group.

Upgraded Renault Kaptur - with turbo engine, electric power steering and new interior

The pandemic has shown that the French company has no less problems than its Alliance partners, so the measures will be taken quite tough. In the next three years, Renault is going to reduce fixed costs by more than two billion euros and lay off almost 15,000 employees worldwide (4,600 of them in France).


According to the plan of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the company will expand unification both within its own model range, and with Nissan and Mitsubishi cars. In this case, Renault is going to save 800 million euros. Recall that in each market segment, the Alliance will have one “parent car” assigned to one of the three companies.

Varieties of this model under other brands will be created with the maximum unification

Varieties of this model under other brands will be created with the maximum unification of both the platform and the body, and the development and production of the entire multi-brand family will be handled by one “parent” company. For example, Renault already has the b-class crossover segment and compact electric vehicles on the CMF-a/b trolley.

The turbo engine here lacks a decorative cover. There are no front hood seals or gas stops either

The transition to electric traction has been accelerated, but the list of current models with internal combustion engines, which signed the sentence, has not been officially published. According to preliminary information, Renault will soon get rid of the Talisman, Scenic, Espace and Alaskan models. It is planned to strengthen the light commercial vehicle segment, in which Renault already plays a leading role in the Alliance.

• The driver's area of the Central tunnel is separated from the passenger by a "fence". The key card slot has disappeared from the console, and the buttons in front of the selector are responsible for Eco mode, ESP, windscreen heating, Parking sensors, and all-round vision
• * On the Arcana, you can order either USB for rear passengers or sofa heating, and Capture offers both

Another 650 million euros will be saved by revising production capacity and reducing global production from 4 million to 3.3 million cars per year.

How it all works, we will find out in June, when the updated Bills will appear on the roads and Renault will announce prices for intermediate versions. So far, in addition to the starting bar "from 1 million 20 thousand", only the price list for the premiere Edition One series has been published, which is stuffed with all options at once, except for the built-in navigation system (you will have to pay for it), and costs 1 million 440 thousand rubles for a front-wheel-drive crossover or 1 million 515 thousand for a 4WD.

The plant in French Flin is waiting for reorganization (most likely for the production of electric cars), and the company in Dieppe will be repurposed after the production of sports cars Alpine A110.

Apparently, this means that there will be no more new models of the Alpine brand. There are no mentions of other subsidiary brands (Dacia, Samsung and Lada) in the plan, and this most likely means that their work is not threatened.

By the way, statistics show that buyers of the Arcana are not afraid of the turbo engine: the TC E150 version accounts for 43% of sales, which coincides with the share of two-liter cars in the demand for Kaptur (45%). But if earlier, buying the most powerful version, you could choose between "automatic" and "mechanics" (the 2.0 MT version accounted for 23% of all sales), now there is no alternative — only the variator. However, this Capture can be selected with front or all-wheel drive. The Renault company says that they are not afraid of losing customers "mechanics", because it was mostly taken not for the idea, but just to avoid getting involved with the slow old"automatic". And that if the demand for" mechanics " arises, it will not be difficult to marry it with a turbo engine.

A month ago, the company closed a loss-making joint venture with the Chinese firm Dongfeng, and projects to expand plants in Morocco and Romania were canceled. And in Russia, Renault plans to “adapt production capacity”. Unfortunately, there are no details yet, but this wording may hide the long-discussed closure of the Moscow plant and the transfer of production to one of the sites of AVTOVAZ. Most likely, this will be THE enterprise of LADA ZAPAD TOLYATTI JSC (the former GM-AVTOVAZ joint venture), where Chevy-Fields are still being made. However, all this will not happen tomorrow, but within three years.

This is what the top-end EasyLink multimedia system with an eight-inch touchscreen and Yandex system looks like.Auto and updates "over the air". In the basic versions, the stereo system will be the same with an LCD display and physical buttons, and the air conditioner - with three round handles

Finally, Renault is going to save 700 million euros at once by optimizing its marketing policy and switching to digital document management.

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