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Is 5G technology dangerous for health? – expert commentary

Tele2 has launched the first commercial network of a new generation of 5G mobile communications in Sweden. The new technology is able to provide data transfer speeds of 1 GB / s, which is almost 4 times higher than the 4G generation.

“The average mobile user is unlikely to notice a significant difference when switching to 5G. This technology is more important for industrial enterprises that are connected to a common network of devices, self-driving cars and much more, which will require more powerful networks, ” said Jens sander, a Professor of radio engineering at the Royal University of technology.

He believes that 5G technology is most useful for people who live in overpopulated regions of Asia, since existing networks there do not have enough power to provide high-quality communication.

However, recently there has been information that 5G technology is dangerous for human health. Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin commented on this statement.

“Today, This networks are more secure than current cellular networks. Therefore, all conspiracy theories that they are harmful to health are not just invented, they are created specifically to stop the development of 5G.

This is in the interests of America, because it is far behind in this direction. To date, they do not have 5G networks. They are at war with this company, they are at war with China in a trade war. Therefore, they are trying to slow down the development of 5G by any means, including spreading incorrect information, ” the expert concluded.

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