Experts: why did students need to blame teachers


A century ago, young students were rioters who wanted revolutionary change. For this reason, it was necessary to close universities and exclude the most active students.

Today’s young people are running to the courts for help. Some time ago, some MSU students demanded to protect them from sexual harassment by teachers.

“In most universities there are codes of ethics and created a special Commission considering such cases, — has told partner of Pen & Paper, head of the practice of Special assignments (Sensitive Matters), head of the Department of family and housing law of the Kutafin Moscow state University, lawyer Ekaterina Tyagai.

Labor legislation also imposes increased requirements not only to the professional, but also to the moral character of the teacher. Of course, in a situation of harassment, inappropriate behavior and border violations, it is necessary to speak openly about it without fear of public distrust and victim blaming and seek to apply measures of responsibility.

It is obvious that Russian society is ripe for violence and abuse to cease to be normative, even (and especially!) if the person who allows himself such actions has a social status and influence.”

Moral standards have not yet been abolished, but again, this is a difference from quite recently: previously, they could have been reprimanded at a meeting, but as a rule, the case did not reach the court.


Chairman of the Presidium of the Moscow bar Association, Vice-President of the Federal Union of lawyers of Russia, honorary lawyer of Russia Georgy Zubovsky noted that you can sue for anything, but you must do it openly!

“This is not a procedural decision for handling open letters. In the modern world, everything is secretly recorded on the phone, and this becomes evidence in lawsuits. Unfortunately, people’s perception of the world has changed. Now the main thing is to sell yourself, ” Zubovsky said.

Equating to American litigators

In the West, the litigation in respect of harassment often takes a painful form. This is due to the fact that they are trying to solve problems that are very far from sexual harassment.

The background of the sensational story with the titled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was a desire, including his brother, to cut off a profitable business and remove a person from the road, without resorting to extreme measures. Part of the capital’s students, holding their noses to the wind, decided to borrow an alien experience. Will this hype do any good?

“I think that our mentality is completely different even at the level of law enforcement agencies. We need concrete evidence, not OBS — “one grandmother said”.

A different system of evidence. A different system of law. They have the Anglo-Saxon system, and we have the continental system of law. I don’t see much of a prospect other than this shoo-in.

There is a desire to attract attention, attract some investments, and so on. Let’s take an example. Here is the leader of the protest movements Navalny.

Where is his daughter Dasha now? Implements itself in Silicon valley, ” – says lawyer George Zubovsky.

Being unclean, these people want to throw mud at others. The lawyer is not going to take erotomaniacs under protection, but facts are required, not unsubstantiated statements. The following can be considered evidence:

Text MESSAGES and so on.

There is-so show it!

“We see a lot of videos that are posted where there are real violations.

Everyone has the right to protection. Both on the one hand and on the other there are abnormal phenomena.

Take the example of associate Professor Oleg Sokolov, who dismembered his girlfriend-a student. This is a fact, but no one forcibly dragged her to bed, ” said George Zubovsky.

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