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Ministry of health develops rules for ultrasound

The Russian Ministry of health has developed rules for conducting ultrasound examinations. The corresponding draft was published on the portal of draft normative legal acts on Tuesday, May 26.

The explanatory note says that the adoption of the project is aimed at organizing the activities of medical and other organizations that conduct ultrasound, establishing staff standards, as well as approving standards for equipping structural units.

According to the project, the duration of ultrasound in the provision of primary health care should not exceed 14 working days from the date of appointment of studies. The exception is suspected cancer.

The rules can take effect on July 1.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry of health approved the procedure for hospitalization of patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus, depending on the severity of the disease.

According to the document, patients whose condition is assessed as moderate, severe or extremely severe are subject to hospitalization.

It is also necessary to hospitalize those patients with coronavirus who are treated at home, but they still have a temperature of 38.5 or higher for three days.

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