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China declared its intention to defend the results of the Second world war together with Russia

China is ready to jointly defend the results of the Second world war with Russia. This statement was made on May 24 by the head of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Wang Yi.

“China is ready, together with Russia, to resolutely defend the results of the Second world war, adhere to the principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms of international relations, and resist any form of unilateralism,” Xinhua quoted him as saying.

Wang Yi also expressed confidence that Russia and China will stand “side by side” and cooperate closely in the future.

On May 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is trying to impose a false sense of guilt, trying to hold it responsible for the beginning of world war II.

Earlier in the day, the White house posted a message saying that the US and Britain had won over Nazism and the American spirit always wins. Such statements caused a wave of indignation among users of social networks.

The Russian foreign Ministry also resented Washington’s attempt to rewrite history.

Recently, Western countries are increasingly making dubious statements about historical events, accusing the USSR along with Germany at the beginning of world war II, and Moscow, in the “wrong” vision of history.

About why the West seeks to rewrite the results of the Second world war and who benefits from lying to Russia, read the special project “Historical battle”.

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