Rules of care for reusable medical masks by Experts

Reusable medical masks should be washed regularly. Experts told about rules of care on May 21, wrote the publication MedicalXpress with reference to doctors and the us Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC).

Penny watts, an associate Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham school of nursing, recommends sending fabric masks to the wash after each use. This is best done in hot water with soap or use a washing machine. After washing, the mask should be dried, preferably with a stream of hot air.

After drying, the mask is best placed in a sealed bag to prevent the appearance of pathogens and viruses on the surface.

According to experts, masks made of cotton fabric, which can be made from an old t-shirt or bandana, are the most effective for preventing the spread of infection. At the same time, experts do not recommend using medical masks of the type No. 95 used in the work of doctors, so as not to create prerequisites for a lack of protective equipment on the market.

Earlier, on May 17, who representative in Russia Melita Vujinovich said that used medical masks used to protect against coronavirus infection can be disposed of together with ordinary household waste. According to her, the risk of transmission through masks is not associated with household use, but with hospital use, since there is a high infectivity.

Since May 12, Moscow has introduced a mandatory masks mode in public transport and other public places. The fine for being in public transport without a masks and gloves is 5 thousand rubles, and in public places, 4 thousand rubles. Similar measures have been introduced in a number of other regions of the country. In some subjects, compliance with the mask mode will be monitored by video surveillance systems.

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