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Putin asked Muslims to celebrate Eid al-Adha at home


Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a video conference with the leadership and public representatives of Dagestan on Monday, May 18, asked Muslims to celebrate Eid al-Fitr at home.

The head of state stressed that he understands the significance of this holiday for the people of the Republic.

“I also know that the clergy urge believers, followers of Islam, to celebrate this muslims holiday at home, to abandon collective prayers and the tradition of gathering together with friends in large companies,” he said.

During the meeting, Putin expressed concern about the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in the region.

“Despite the selfless efforts of doctors and nurses, the number of tragic outcomes is increasing, including among medical workers themselves. people also say that the necessary medical care is not always and everywhere available in a timely and complete manner,” the Russian leader stressed.

According to experts, the development of severe complications of the disease is due to the fact that residents of the Republic do not timely seek help, and also self-medicate at home.


“We need to further analyze how the recommendations of sanitary doctors on self isolation regimes and restrictions on mass events are being implemented,” Putin said.

The President also demanded that the issue of providing the region with test systems for coronavirus infection be resolved as soon as possible.

According to stopkoronavirus. RF, in the region on May 18, 3,640 cases of the disease were recorded, 1,807 people recovered, and 29 patients died.

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