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The New York Times declined to refute its coverage of COVID-19 in Russia

The New York Times considers its materials on statistics on coronavirus in Russia to be reliable. This was announced on May 14 by the publication’s Vice-President for communications, Danielle Rhoads.

According to her, the articles are based on data published by “an official state Agency, and on interviews with experts from state institutions.”

She also quote saying, “No facts given in our article are disputed”.

A few days ago, the financial Times and the New York Times published materials that allegedly deliberately underestimated the death statistics from coronavirus. As evidence, data were given for Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to which in April of this year, 2 thousand more people died from all causes than a year earlier.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the publication “another sensational anti-Russian fake” and an attempt to distract Americans from the problems of the West.

The Moscow Department of health indicated that it is incorrect to compare the indicators of total mortality in monthly dynamics.

The foreign Ministry sent letters to the publications demanding to refute the false articles. According to Maria Zakharova, after that, a decision will be made on the future fate of these American Newspapers in Russia.

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