COVID-19 is considered dangerous for people with chronic kidney disease

People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are at a particularly high risk of COVID-19 disease and death from IT. This was stated on May 14 by the chief nephrologist of the Russian Ministry of health, Professor Yevgeny Shilov.

“This is due to the fact that the cause of CKD is the main population diseases (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, atherosclerosis), as well as old age, which themselves contribute to high morbidity and mortality from COVID-19,” the press service of the Ministry of health quotes him as saying.

The greatest difficulties in organizing COVID-19 prevention are caused by CKD patients undergoing dialysis treatment. This is due to the fact that this therapy cannot be interrupted.

In addition, a significant part of these patients have a weakened body, a higher level of concomitant diseases. In addition, patients on dialysis, as a rule, belong to the older age group and have a tendency to severe infectious diseases. Shilov noted that 20-30% of COVID-19 patients have kidney failure, which increases the need for dialysis.

“If you are a patient of a dialysis center, inform your Department that you are ill. If you are a patient with terminal renal failure on hemodialysis, you are at risk for severe coronavirus infection. You should do the following. Stock up on everything you need, including medicines, ” Shilov said.

He also recommends that you stock up on food for 2-3 weeks if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in your area. Shilov stressed that even if you are ill with COVID-19, you should not skip dialysis procedures. It is necessary to notify the doctors about the disease, who, in turn, will carry out the necessary measures for the procedure. Before dialysis, he recommends washing the fistula hand and thoroughly disinfecting the puncture area.

On May 14, immunologist Yakov Berkun told about the amazing reaction of children’s bodies to the coronavirus. According to him, children are easier to tolerate COVID-19 than adults, even if they have chronic diseases. In addition, minors may not get sick even if they come into direct contact with an infected person.

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