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Putin rendering speech appealing to the Russians

On Monday, May 11, Russians President Vladimir Putin made an address to the country’s residents, during which he announced a number of measures to support citizens and businesses against the background of the COVID-2019 epidemic.

The head of state signed a decree on cooperation between the center and the regions at the stage of getting out of restrictions related to coronavirus, and also announced the end of the period of non-working days in the country from May 12. This measure, Putin noted, has helped slow down the development of the epidemic.

The exit from restrictions should take place gradually while maintaining strict sanitary measures, the head of state added.

The easing of restrictions

Since the end of March, a period of non-working days has been declared in Russia, the purpose of which was to limit the spread of coronavirus infection. This period will end on May 12, but the President reminded that the fight against the epidemic continues, and we cannot allow a rollback.

“The mitigation of measures imposed in connection with COVID-19 should take place in compliance with security measures. At all stages, right up to the very end, we maintain preventive measures,” he said.

At the moment, all mass events in Russia are excluded. Where possible, enterprises in the basic sectors of the economy-communications, energy, agriculture, industry, and construction-will resume their operations.

Testing for COVID-19 and other promotions

Russia has increased the scale of testing for coronavirus, and the country currently has one of the highest rates in the world in terms of the number of tests performed. About 170,000 tests are conducted every day, and by mid-may it is planned to increase this figure to 300,000.

Putin stressed that thanks to research, the disease can be detected at an early stage, including in asymptomatic cases. The more effective the testing, the faster it will be possible to defeat the epidemic, he added.

The Russian leader noted that each region is ready to provide any assistance to everyone who needs it. He also said that the number of beds equipped in Russia for the treatment of COVID-19 patients has increased from 29,000 to 130,000.

Between Scylla and Charybdis

Decisions on the nature of further preventive measures in Russia, based on an analysis of the situation with coronavirus infection, will be made by the heads of regions, Putin said.

They will determine the order of business. Starting from May 12, the heads of the Federal subjects will have to ensure maximum conditions for the restoration of basic sectors of the economy.

Putin noted that the heads of regions face a difficult task without the right to make mistakes: in this situation, it is dangerous to run recklessly forward, but it is also impossible to sit idly by. They would have to pass between Scylla and Charybdis, he added.

The head of state also called on the heads of regions to allow people to leave their homes where it is permissible.

At the same time, the President criticized the governors for not paying additional funds to doctors. He recalled that benefits and insurance payments for medical workers have already been approved, funds have been received in regional budgets, but this money has not reached everyone.

“According to my data, as of May 9, these payments exist only in 56 regions of the Federation, and they were assigned to 56 thousand people. And this is less than half of the number of medical workers who received payments, ” Putin said.

The head of state demanded to set up work and provide medical workers with the necessary payments from April to May 15, and also promised to personally monitor the implementation of this order in each region of Russia.

Family support

The minimum amount of child care allowance should be doubled to 6,750 rubles, the Russian leader said.

“I propose to double the minimum amount of child care benefits – from 3375 rubles to 6751 rubles. This benefit will be provided to non-working citizens, including students. And, as a rule, these are young parents, young mothers. It is very important to support them, ” the head of state said.

Families who have not received maternity capital will receive a monthly payment of 5,000 rubles in may, June and April, that is, retroactively.

“We have a lot of families who have this right (to receive maternity capital. – Ed.) no, because the child was born before January 1 of this year, that is, before the date from which the new procedure for providing maternity capital, including for the first child, was introduced. Thus, payments of 5,000 rubles per child per month will now be available to all Russian families with children under the age of three, ” the President said.

Payments to social workers

A Federal surcharge will be set for social workers. “The increased burden and risks are borne by employees of social institutions. In this regard, I consider it necessary to establish a special Federal surcharge for them for three months – from April 15 to July 15, ” Putin said in his address before the meeting. He stressed that the funds will be paid including for April.

Doctors working with social institutions will receive additional payments of 40 thousand rubles for a two-week shift, and those working with patients with COVID-19, 60 thousand rubles.

Social and educational workers, secondary medical and Administrative staff will receive 25 thousand rubles, and when working with COVID patients-19-35 thousand rubles.

The remuneration for Junior staff will be 15,000 rubles and 20,000 rubles, respectively, and for technical staff, 10,000 rubles and 15,000 rubles, respectively.

Support for employment and small businesses

On June 1, Putin proposed launching a special credit program to support employment. All enterprises in the affected industries and socially oriented NGOs will be able to use it. The loan repayment period is April 1, 2021.

Self-employed citizens will be able to return taxes on income paid in 2019 in full. In addition, the President called on this category of citizens to allocate tax capital in the amount of one minimum wage, so that the self-employed can pay tax and save income.

Individual entrepreneurs and small businesses will be able to write off tax payments for the second quarter of 2020, excluding VAT. According to Putin, the previous measures-deferred taxes and insurance payments for six months and the ability to smoothly repay them within a year-are clearly not enough today.

“My dears, I understand how difficult this is for you.”

The President also did not ignore the elderly residents of Russia. He urged them to “continue to tolerate” the regime of mandatory self-isolation amid the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

“I am now addressing the elderly: my family, I understand how hard it is for you to always be at home, separated from your children. But now we must be patient. These are not empty words, this is a matter of life. The regime of self-isolation is maintained because we are worried about you and do everything possible to protect you from the threat of infection, so that this danger passes faster,” the head of state said during an address to citizens.

Putin demanded to pay special attention to the work of boarding schools and nursing homes, and also noted that their guests need special care and care.

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